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鈥io-fermented tea - Kombucha, but tea yeast , black fungus, Haibao, Tangpu Tea;

鈥iquid tea  fermentation product by aggregates symbionts, is a natural fermented tea drink. Kombucha鈥檚 appearance is similar with jellyfish, so it鈥檚 called 鈥淗aibao鈥.
鈥angpu Tea is a tea from the Qin Dynasty (homemade drinks), which has detoxification function, has good reputation as 鈥済od tea鈥. After spread to Russia, as well as in Germany and Europe, Kombucha has become a very famous healthy beverage

鈥ombucha has healthy effect on skin colour, detoxification, energy supplement, has been known by Russian microbiologist as "immortal fluid鈥

Kombucha Research Status
鈥irst, Isolation and identification of Microbes in Kombucha
Kombucha is a symbiosis of two major microorganisms
After isolation and identification by Chinese and foreign researchers, specifically the microbes are: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, S. pombe, Wood acetic acid bacteria, methanol acid bacteria Aeromonas sp.;

Second, Mechanism of kombucha fermentation 
Third, Kombucha health functions and safety aspects of the research 
鈥1. Kombucha has beauty and anti-aging effect;
鈥2. Kombucha can clean up the stomach, inhibit harmful bacteria, prevent gastrointestinal disease & colon cancer;
鈥3. Kombucha can increase appetite, help digestion, prevent hypertension & arteriosclerosis;  
鈥4. kombucha has anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular disease activities. It also stimulates the immune system, reduce inflammation;
鈥5. there are a lot of tea extract in Kombucha, so it also has tea benefits inside the beverage

Unibioche鈥檚 Fermented Tea Research
鈥irst, bio-fermented tea culture 
According to tea characteristic, bio-fermented culture will form kombucha, tea fungus, oolong tea fungus, Pu鈥檈r tea fungus, Fruity tea fungus, flowery tea fungus 

鈥econd, the fermentation to improve the fermentation process of tea 
鈥        According to the mechanism of Kombucha fermentation, tea concentration, temperature, environment and fermentation broth need to be controlled in order to accelerate the fermentation rate, meanwhile shorten the fermentation time

鈥hird, the isolation, identification and functional studies of Kombucha - Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University Department of Biochemistry
鈥1. To isolate and identify kombucha, we need to isolate two types of microbes (total 4 microorganisms), were identified as: three types of yeast, including Pichia sp L002, Wickerhamomyces anomalus strain L003, Trigonopsis variabilis strain L004 and one acetic acid bacteria Acetobacter sp L001
鈥2. Kombucha broth was identified and glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, glucose acid 1, 4-lactone, Metabolite lichen acid, acetic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, malic acid were detected
鈥3. Functional studies of Kombucha 

鈥ourth, the application of bio-fermented tea in beverages
鈥1. The tea concentrate development of Kombucha tea, green tea fungus, oolong fungus, Pu鈥檈r tea fungus, fruit tea fungus
鈥2. Application & Mixing, formation of Kombucha tea, green tea fungus, oolong bacteria, Pu鈥檈r tea fungus, fruit tea fungus, flower tea fungus, which are six series of bio-fermented tea drinks.