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Tea Aroma Chemistry


Classification of Tea Leaves

鈥ccording to the processing methods, tea leaves are divided into six basic tea types: Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Dark Tea, Yelow Tea, White Tea

Type of Tea     Production Process

Green tea        Fresh leaves Fixation Rolling 锛 Drying

Yellow tea       Fresh leaves 锛岶ixation锛 Rolling锛 Fermentation锛 Drying

White tea        Fresh leaves锛峎ithering锛岲rying

Oolong tea       Fresh leaves锛峎ithering锛峊ossing锛岶ixation锛峈olling锛岲rying

Black tea          Fresh Leaves锛峎ithering锛峈olling锛岶ermentation锛岲rying

Dark tea           Fresh Leaves锛岶ixation锛峈olling锛峂osturizing锛岲rying

鈥reen tea focuses on  fixation process   

Oolong tea focuses on tossing process

Yellow tea focuses on fermentation process

White tea focuses on withering process

Dark tea focuses on piling process

鈥ecause each tea has different the production processes, it leads to different characteristic and flavor components, forming many tea varieties.